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Board Of Governors 

 Commodore Pat Lange                     


 Vice Commodore Jim Morin                   


 Rear Commodore Carolyn Creamer

 Fleet Captain Dan Krause


 Immediate P/C  Denny Swiger


 Secretary Diane Peffer

 Treasurer Suenette Pope

 Booking Agent Michelle Killian

 Bar Manager  P/C Frank Winterling

 Finance Chairman Todd Bates

 President - Holding Corp Bob Wilkins 


 Board Member Jim Harris (2025)

 Board Member  Tim McCall  (2024) 

 Board Member  Stephen Rifkin (2024)


 Board Member  David Ellis (2023)  

 Board Member  Larry McLaurlin (2023) 


 Board Member Jeff Baier (2025)

Election of Officers occurs at the October General Membership meeting, which is held the second Friday in October.  The Nominating Committee presents the slate of Officers at the General Membership meeting in August.  Any petitions to be run against the proposed slate of Officers must be presented at the September General Membership Meeting, otherwise the proposed slate of Officers will be elected at the October meeting.  


The Board of Governors consists of the Commodore, Vice Commodore, Rear Commodore, Fleet Captain, Secretary, Treasurer, Booking Agent, Bar Manager, Finance Chairman and Immediate Past Commodore as well as six (6) other elected Board Members.  The Finance Chairman is elected for a 1-year term.  The other six elected members are elected for 3-year terms and are staggered so that 2 positions are up for re-election each October.  Finally, the President of the Holding Corporation also serves on the Board of Governors of the Yacht Club.

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